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Over the last 15 years the safety and health of the workers on any site has been the overriding factor in the changing face of the  construction Industry.

At Squires, we are constantly monitoring the health & safety on are sites to ensure that our workers feel safe and focus 100% on the job at hand. 

Our Management are specially trained to ensure that the compliance of the regulations that dictate how a site should be run, safely are followed.

At Squires we take environmental issues very seriously, not only on site but throughout the entire company.

From recycling paper in the office to recycling materials on site, we strive to achieve targets set inhouse.

The relationships we have built with our environmental specialists over many years have helped tremendously in our understanding of how to tackle waste.

This all helps to cut costs and ultimately provide a better service at competitive prices.

We at Squires recognise that excellent Customer Service must be an integral ingredient in the delivery of high quality services.

Customer Services have and always will be at the forefront of our Company Ethos and as a Company work hard to ensure any complaints are dealt with, efficiently and professionally.

We have strict communication procedures where complaints can be elevated to senior management quickly and efficiently in the event of an initial unsatisfactory outcome.